A parenting paradise

It took two and a half years
for me to want to level another parent.
It happened in the suction ball room
at the Children’s Museum in Portland.
Gavin didn’t wait in line.
Instead, he stood directly next to a girl his age
and attempted to share the space.
I immediately intervened.
I told Gavin he needed to wait for his turn
and asked him to apologize to the girl.
Gavin is two and a half. He handled it well.
I stood, turned, and walked away.
The girl’s father walked toward the already handled situation.
I smiled and said hello.
He stared at me and ignored my hello.
But what really pissed me off
was that he attempted to stare me down.
At a Children’s Museum.
I changed my face.
I know this won’t be the last time.


-M. Taggart


5 thoughts on “A parenting paradise

  1. I personally loved this. I loved how you wrote it. I felt how you felt. I remembered feeling similar things when raising my own children.
    Regarding your post on Hemingway…I’d say read this and well done.


    • I really wanted to level the fucker. I told Megan just after it happened. But I’d never do that to something I love. Gavin’s moment is far more important than me than that. I have no doubt you’ve experienced more than just that! I’m a newb and can’t trust myself.

      Liked by 1 person

      • See..I love that. Yeah. I’ve wanted to level a lot of fuckers. Idiot parents. Even teachers. Some I have had choice words with but not in front of my kids..that I can remember. Not when my kids were in the wrong. But..you know it’s all a learning curve. One day..you might find yourself needing to trust yourself. Do it. Toddler years are different. I just really loved this. Because it’s so real.


      • Oh it was real. Still can see everything. The entire room. The faces. Snap shot in ‘time’ hey! It’s nighttime here. Can you believe it. And Gavin is even asleep!


      • Aww. Such a sweet little guy. I always used to love bedtime. They looked so sweet.
        It’s nighttime here, too. The wind is howling. Have a good night Matt.


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