poem- spliced

We rocked in a padded room
holding a single piece of fabric
which was so perfectly fine
that it wasn’t allowed to be-
It frayed and spliced
into millions of splintered ends
leaving us blank and empty-
The door to our padded room opened-
We stopped rocking
knowing it was now over-
The one thought was gone.

-M. Taggart
copyright 2018

4 thoughts on “poem- spliced

    • Thank you. I’ve come to really enjoy your supportive feedback. So much that if I write something that you think is awful and expressed how awful it was that I’d even enjoy that because I know it would be honest. I know a piece like this doesn’t land with everyone and I’m fine with that. I am happy that it lands with a few. So thank you again.


      • Well, ty. I’ve never read anything awful. If I do..I’ll let you know. Sometimes..I’m at a total loss for words to be honest..at what it means to me personally, but may not be the intent…And I tend not to comment at all. But I love your work. I get something every time.

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