8 thoughts on “A Diary Tale

      • hey there. sometimes we fear the diary will judge us if we don’t slather her with ink and roll around in the gutter with a pointed pen and a story to tell. that’s when it’s time to just let the naked words fall, letter by letter, stacking upon themselves in forms that we do not pretend to translate with any sense of conscience or care. It is often at that time when we are most free; and most shocked when we return to read and find some other part of our mind wrote it’s truth and we have locked it up again out of fear of our unknowns and the risks of revealing these.

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      • Most of what I write that is in it’s complete form are pieces I’m unable to share on here. Which, to a degree, sucks because I’m not always giving everyone on here the best of what I have.


      • most of what I share on here I don’t want to share on here because real people who know me read it and think it is about them, or it should have been about them, or whatever. so many censors.


      • Morning. Yes, I deal with that constantly. I’ve never shared two of my books. I won’t. Either they get ‘picked up’ or they stay alone. It’s simply not worth it.


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