Odd Walking Thoughts – a poem

Time can leave now-
Tonight I will light a cigar while thinking about
the normality of time and why I feel it fits me,
not the other way around, and why I’m able to look at
a star and wonder if having seen this one star
tonight carries more importance than having seen
it the previous night- is the difference in one night
not the proof of existing- and does this lend an ear to tomorrow-
and now someone I do not know – is taking my space
asking without permission things I cannot answer
I want them to leave – they bare no resemblance to any other I’ve
ever seen – another will be here – and another
much like the words that come –  that are often given
to me while I sleep –

Do you see the moon
and the soft haze lingering
watch with me as shapes will shift and move on-
we’ve just seen a very thing that will never be again

This one star – it too will become gone – in time
death is as real as life

I will not dress for death
Death will not dress for me

I will not smile for death
Death will not smile for me

I will not fear death
Death does not fear me

I will be death
and Death will be me

-M. Taggart
copyright 2017

Cheers everyone. Thanks for reading.

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