One Strong Megan

I almost lost my wife. Last Tuesday Megan stayed home from work. Just before noon I heard my name called from upstairs. Followed by the sound of Megan landing on the bathroom floor. I was downstairs feeding Gavin his lunch.

Megan’s head was in between the toilet and the shower. She was just opening her eyes. Her breathing was highly elevated. She was perspiring heavily. I started asking basic questions. She wasn’t able to focus her eyes. From my point of view, Megan did not know who I was.

I flat lined emotionally. Everything slowed down. I had my cell phone in my hand while asking Megan, “Would you like an ambulance?” I was calling regardless of her answer. She was pregnant. We found out the previous Friday night that the pregnancy was ectopic. Monday morning she had a follow up with her doctor to confirm what the emergency room told her Friday night. Her doctor gave her two shots of metho, told her she might feel cramping, but that she’d be able to go to work on Tuesday.

There I squatted, on Tuesday, pushing the hair from my wife’s face. “Yes, she’s starting to come to. Yes, she know’s who she is. No her color seems alright. (I am color blind.) Hunni, they are telling me to tell you that help is on the way. Ma’am, I need to run downstairs and get my son out of his high chair. He’ll tip it over. Yes, I’ll be fast and I’ll come back up to be with Megan.” Thank God Megan is strong.

The doctor was wrong. The worst possible situation was happening. Megan had suffered a rupture and was bleeding internally.

“Be a good boy, Gavin.” I had just placed Gavin in his nursery area. I ran back upstairs.

“Ma’am I can hear the sirens, I’m going to let you go.”

“Megan, you’re going to be O.K. The ambulance is outside. I’ll be right back. I need to open the door for them. -Yes, please come in. She’s directly up the stairs and straight into the bathroom.- Gavin, Mommy is going to be OK. Please don’t cry. Please don’t cry.”

I called Megan’s sister while the ambulance drove away. ‘Get to the Hospital. Call me as soon as you know if she’ll need surgery.”

Megan was rushed into emergency surgery. She was bleeding so badly they were literally watching her stomach rise. Her blood pressure was becoming close to even. I arrived at the hospital too late. I stood in line to be told where she was. Her sister appeared and told me they couldn’t wait any longer. They didn’t know I was standing in line at the front desk. No cell reception.

The surgeon, Lillian, saved my wife’s life. Lillian was, and is amazing. “Mr. Taggart, she suffered internal damage. The pregnancy ruptured. She lost 1.3 liters of blood. She bled into her abdomen. There was other damage too. Would you like to see the pictures. We had no choice. We believe we did the right thing.”

My wife was dying on our bathroom floor. I am still flat-lined emotionally. Megan finally is home and resting. I am so thankful. I am so thankful. She has a long recovery in front of her. She won’t be returning to work until after Christmas. She can’t lift over ten pounds for six weeks. She can’t lift our son. She can’t rock our son. This has stolen a portion of her life. She has been afraid to sleep for fear of not waking up. When she does sleep she has nightmares. I love my wife. Seeing the hurt this has placed on my wife is something I may not forgive.

Her pregnancy hormones were 31k at her doctors office. The cut off for the medicine administered to my wife is 5k.

This never should have happened.

After Megan’s surgery Megan fainted in the bathroom. Two nurses held her in place until a team of nurses helped bring her back to her bed. I stood watching. Arms folded. Useless. Straight faced. Upset, for what my wife was being forced to endure. Megan was anemic and now needed a blood transfusion. After her surgery we were told they tried to remove all of the blood that had bled into her abdomen, but that it was impossible to do. The remaining blood would slowly be absorbed. However, the process would be painful. Blood is an irritant when placed where it ought not be. Megan struggled to move for a number days.

Family arrived from numerous states to help. Help support us. Help watch Gavin so I could sleep next to Megan at the hospital. This event surrendered us, placed us in a position of hope and sadness. It effected our entire family structure and friends.

Now though, as we near Christmas, we are thankful. I am focusing on the positive. Megan will be home with us. She can read to Gavin. She can sit with Gavin and play with dinosaurs. She can tell him she loves him and give him kisses. But please Gavin, no jumping on Mommy. Lets just be happy that you have your mother. The thought of Gavin growing up without Megan is too devastating for me to process.

The night we brought Megan home, I said to myself ‘my head closed today.’ And the repeating started. There’s ONE person who reads my writing who knows what that means. That was the closest I came. I’m flat emotionally and that’s where I need to be for just a bit longer. Until then we’ll drive after the sun goes down and enjoy showing Gavin the Christmas lights. We’ll drive on the dirt roads and look for dino’s in the forest. We’ll watch Christmas movies. We’ll place Gavin next to Mommy and let the cuddles begin. It’s time to build memories.

I said I almost lost my wife. Megan was too strong to let that happen.


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Megan and I





34 thoughts on “One Strong Megan

  1. Many many hugs. And a long sigh of relief with you and yours. One more weight strengthens the solidity of your bond. Those trying moments bind. Be loving in the New Year- to yourself, to your writing, to your world. Cheers Ms. Megan and that cute little growing guy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Ret. I’ll be giving as many hugs as Megan and Gavin want. This has been an exhausting experience, especially for Megan. Onward and upward now. I’ll be sure to pass on the Cheers to Megan. Thanks again.


  2. God bless you both, Matt. What a horrible time for you and Megan. I truly hope all is well and improves steadily. I know what you mean by emotionally flat-lining, so all the best to you both and I hope you have a blessed Christmas.


  3. Pardon the language, but, oh, shit. I have a friend from grad school who almost died from an ectopic pregnancy. The words fill me with horror now, which is sad considering a pregnancy should be a joyous event.

    You’ve had your world turned upside down. And I know what that means from how you comment on your family. Megan’s had her world turned upside down. Tell her from a total stranger that I’m glad she got such a good deal from friends, family, and husband.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Matt,
    You are right, this never should have happened! Ectopic pregnancies are dangerous. I’m…still unsure how this happened when doctors were aware of it…but you were right to be angry.
    But..I am so relieved Megan is ok. I’m so very sorry for her and for you that you both went through this.
    Keeping a calm, sometimes even what you call flat emotional and closed head is sometimes needed.
    I dearly hope you all enjoy your time together while Megan heals.
    It sounds as if you are. An early Merry Christmas to you all, Matt. Sending you all good thoughts and love…CC

    Liked by 1 person

    • Merry Christmas to you too. This will be the best I’ve ever had. We had a follow up meeting today. A bit of non-level came out. Timing is fine and for the right reasons aimed at the correct direction. I think things are going to work out. I hope you have been well and are feeling good. I did notice you haven’t written in a bit.


  5. thank you for bravely sharing a painful and utterly devastating time in your lives. Megan is an amazingly strong woman. You are strong too. Prayers and blessings to your beautiful family.


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