Odd Walking Thoughts

Walk in the woods. Hug an anything. Don’t read the news. Have a beer. Whiskey, fish, work hard, tell someone they look good with their beard, tell another they look good without. Isn’t it easy when we let it be. Sit in your favorite spot and tell your mind no, then yes, because it’s finally time to read. Tell the ones telling, no. You know the no I write of. You created it and it’s waiting to be used. It’s not all metal sheep. It’s only partially all with which we’ve created- a portion of the sheep. But never, listen, to, the, sheep. Tell a thing it isn’t.


-M. Taggart

4 thoughts on “Odd Walking Thoughts

  1. These are so beneficial. you can see a few lines that can become something else. you can find a few words that hang well with each other and know you can make them find friends. good exercise.

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    • Thank you, Ret. These are the most enjoyable, besides writing a story/book, for me to write. Years ago I would post them on my FB wall. lol..yea I had to stop that. Thank you for saying they are beneficial. I don’t see an end in sight. The words come. It’s my duty to write them.

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