Odd Walking Thoughts

Please accept that our life has not been easy. Our. The double lipped mouth- Giving permission to be. We don’t ask permission to live. Remember there’s a notch on the door that asks for you. Which void would we like? –  A child in their bed watches their bedroom door. Soon foot steps. and light. The child pulls their covers to their faces.

3 thoughts on “Odd Walking Thoughts

  1. I read the Odd Walking Thoughts several times..always. The descriptions are a different way of how the surroundings were viewed and felt, at least how I personally would describe them, but they are extraordinary. Example, they are very in tune with nature and in this one the door.
    They are so palpable it is like I am there. I understand exactly what is being written even though it is far different than anything I would write to explain my own experience. They are difficult to read…but mean a lot to me to be able to read them.
    “Which void would we like?’
    I always hated the bedroom door.
    These are my favorite…but you know I love all your work.


    • Thank you. And thank you,. And thank you. With inspiration coming from the comments we’ve written back and forth this morning, I’ve just now written something I’m proud of. I hope to post it later today/evening.

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