Odd Walking Thoughts

The child hurt. But had no scratches. No bruises. No black eye. Now the child wrings both hands together furiously and places them, palms down, on each thigh to feel warmth. Nearby, the petals of a yellow rose droop from the weight of the rain. Spilling now, what small amounts had gathered in the folds of the fragrant bloom. The child reaches for the dripping flower, smiling. ‘Can I pour my life out too?’ the child whispers. ‘And start again.’

7 thoughts on “Odd Walking Thoughts

  1. Matt, I click on this piece every time it shows on the bottom. It is one of my favorite. It reads almost like a fairy tale to me.
    I hold back commenting many times. I used to have a running conversation with another poet..we followed each other..and she was fearful to comment or rather she saw it as critiquing our poems. She said many writers took offense at comments. I loved when she would comment her own thoughts on what she read..but we felt comfortable with each other. I am not sure why I am writing that here..other than to say her words always stuck with me..when it came to writers. So..usually I wait until I feel like I know someone before I really comment my own thoughts..congrats! 🙂
    This is one of my favorites. The details are a given..your words always make me feel like I am right there. My favorite part of this is the end.
    I notice you always use the color yellow..especially with flowers. I don’t know why but that captures me. And when the child..in all of their pain..sees the flower…and whispers with a smile..if they can start their life over…it makes me catch my breath. I smile. It takes the heart break out of it for me. That hope in the innocence. Anyway..one of my favorites.

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    • I can see where some might take offense if the comment has no place being there, or is judgmental of someone’s work they may matter very much to them. But..damn, anyone commenting like that, is an asshole lol. I barely have enough time to sit and write on here. I enjoy it so much that I do make time, even just a few minutes and I can create. So yea, when I comment..the work struck some kind of note with me. I won’t pretend to know exactly what you are saying, because I’m not you, but I appreciate you taking the time to explain. It’s very thoughtful. On a different note, I did submit this to a publication. I can’t remember who at the moment. I know I filed it somewhere. With lucky..maybe it’ll get picked up. Thank you for the positive comment and support!

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    • Oh yea, I wanted to clarify something before I forgot completely. I have mentioned in the past that I’ve not been able to submit my work to publications when I have publish the piece on WP. I have since found a few, smaller publications, they accept work that has been published on a Blog. I know, a small thing, but details like this are important to me.

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      • Oh, that’s great, Matt. Yes, I noticed when you mentioned it.
        It’s so great to know you are getting so many things published.


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