Odd Walking Thoughts

Over knees we go. Did you hear the sky today? It know’s much more than a cry. Don’t, let’s not see the crisp apple near the little girl with the red dress. She already put you to shame with a look. She is six. Walk in the brook. The mud is deep- It’s very dark. Our room is haunted. It has wooden floor boards and the light from the moon tries to creep. Our closet door creaks open again. who’s there.

3 thoughts on “Odd Walking Thoughts

    • Humble humility. Anger. Self division. Truth. All of which is dependent on who’s awake. A constant watch of the mirror as a reminder to continue with honesty toward the ones I love. Thanks for asking. It isn’t often I’m asked.


      • Thank you for answering. It isn’t often I’m answered. The “reminder to continue with honesty” strikes a chord here. Just had the similar conversation with someone. Face the sun today. Make it a good one.

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