Oops :)

Our last thought-
Will continue to haunt until its arrival
and then we are gone


OH Mannn! How did I publish this originally with the first word misspelled? I’ll tell you. I was scrambling to finish work items, while dripping from my shower, while watching my son pop awake via the monitor, and while desperately trying to toss tags into place so I could click publish and move on with my day. lol..then, I see in my email my wonderfully misspelled word. Oh well, shit happens.

Any parent who works, and juggles children knows exactly what I’m talking about.

If you see a horribly misspelled word, you can give me shit. I think it’s funny and I enjoy laughing at myself. I feel for the humans who follow me via email though. They, like me, received an email with the content. lol not pretty.

Anyway, go smash some shit, have fun, drive into mud too deep and spit while doing so. Into your window. Because you forgot to open it.




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