Odd Walking Thoughts

We took a broken thought and turned it to gold. Why. The boy, with his head held under a towel telling. His head held by another. If one fixes another breaks. We shouldn’t be writing this, we’re looking now. Keep going. No. The towel sickens and breaths. We hold you down. Don’t you see.

-M. Taggart
Copyright 2017

3 thoughts on “Odd Walking Thoughts

  1. Matt, I just read every one of your “Odd Walking Thoughts”.
    I have read this one at least ten times. On the WP reader it pairs it with “A Wind”, which really, read together is, for me, well..it makes my heart hurt and just takes me right back …but not because of the content. On your blog, the related content is different.
    I really enjoyed reading straight through the Category.
    xx CC

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    • Yes! This fills me. I’ve hoped someone would dig through this category. Thank you for letting me know. I have a feeling the first thing that’ll be picked up (in time with luck and determination) will be one of the Odd Walking Thoughts. I have a challenging time writing some of those. But, I don’t have much of a choice.

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      • Well, it is a captivating read. I started with the newest one and read backwards. But then, I read almost halfway through from the beginning after I was done. Really glad I did. I’ve been hitting a lot on related but reading straight through was really worth it.
        It’s powerful stuff. It’s unlikely I’m the only one who’s read them all
        Challenging to find words sometimes, too. Have a great day, Matt. 🙂

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