A Poem –

Pulling his baseball hat
over his eyes
he knew

it was about to begin,
he didn’t want to watch

Soon, he’d make
his way to the door-
walk down the steps
into the nighttime.
They wouldn’t see
him again

He’d sat-
Bent his ear-

Nothing changed
Fake smiles
Fake nails
Fake thoughts

They didn’t ask him,
they didn’t know him
they knew him plenty

So they went on
with their laughing
and their falseness

until everyone
around them
was gone

-M. Taggart
copyright 2017

12 thoughts on “A Poem –

  1. Interesting you tagged this humanity. Very true, I would say, in general. I love this. It reminds me of someone leaving a bar.. sober or not..but realizing the truth and substance of their reality. Of course, that’s my interpretation. 🙂

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