29 thoughts on “A Poem

      • And I find it difficult… My heart says understand and feel the words.. My brain says it cant… I am shying away from understanding ur words… Its amazing that sometimes we can see ourselves away from outselves

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      • I understand sir… That’s generous of you… Most people on blog talk abt love n pain blehhh…
        U speak of so much more, our spiritual universe… At least to me.. Sorry trying to have a discussion… Most poets n great thinkers

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      • Thank you. I consider that an incredible compliment. I’m open to conversation. I enjoy it. I’m often so busy that I’m only on long enough to create a post, click publish, and gone. And for any one else reading this thread, I invite anyone to read my material and interpret the words however they’d like. It’s not about me.

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      • I have read ur other words but these are special… Our thoughts pushed out flaring has so many real and spiritual interpretation that’s why my brain is shying away.. Thank you for these words… V all like written words but sometimes, some words are beyond this realm

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  1. What true words these are! Beautifully done. Hope you have something wonderful planned for you and your loved ones this holiday weekend. Sending lots of love and hugs.


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