Odd Walking Thoughts

If ever I could think of a stick without it turning into a walking stick, I think I’d certainly become most lonely. See, if the stick walked far enough into the woods it’d surely find other sticks and some of them would also walk, then, they’d turn toward one another and share what secrets they’d seen, learned, and even tasted. For’ even a stick needs to eat. And when you think about it, a stick is sometimes used as a spoon for stirring, and there it is. If a stick can eat and talk and walk, what use would one of me be. Do you see?

-M. Taggart

copyright 2017

a poem –

Break your voice, make them listen?

I tap so lightly – your fingers and toes can hear me. but you can’t.
Isn’t that strange.

Congrats to your hair, and how it is.


-M. Taggart copyright 2017