The Cabin – A Poem

The strong need to write
Crawl into the cabin
Close the pine door
Start a fire in the small wood stove
And listen

The mountain has its own voice
Deep snow softening sounds
Christmas trees covered in white
Blessed creatures living in the smell of evergreen

You can hear them at night-
Scurrying, chasing, playing

The wind adds either calm, mystery,
or even severity-

They can’t find you here-
They can, only if you let them in-
Are they coming close?

No matter,
The cabin allows us to shut them out.
The ones who find any means-
means to bring negativity to all situations
stealing momentum, stealing serenity,
taking self-

Don’t, let’s not let them-
Find the cabin
Close the pine door
Light your fire


copyright 2017 -M. Taggart

(photo taken by my wife.)


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