Thank you – A Mind Full of

I don’t feel comfortable doing this. I’ll share a bit about myself.

I’ve been known to dabble at fishing. I’m not good. I bring a cigar to back my failure.
photo (39).jpg
I love Megan. I think my wife is stunning. I chase her. All around the house.
Beer has very little chance against me.
Gavin. May you understand fully the truth of men.
Maine Dock.JPG
We were having dinner with my wife’s colleague. He didn’t impress me. A storm was rolling in. I drank a portion of my beer, stood, and walked away from our table. I walked to the back of the restaurant and exited out a door that wasn’t being used. I stepped over the deck’s railing, caught my jeans and soaked my crotch. With wet pants and beer breath I crouched to my knees on this dock.Β 

I hope this helps.


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