Calm Before the Storm – Odd Walking Thoughts

Its eeiry presence was as calm as anything I’d ever seen.┬áNothing moved. There was no wind. The leaves on the trees hung lifeless. Yet, there was mist which hovered in place. But when you looked away and back again it had surely shifted. And it was quiet. Too quiet. The lack of rustling leaves from the usually active squirrels was noticed, but the unnerving part was that the birds were not chirping. They weren’t even flying. And it hit. For over twenty-four hours the hurricane was a constant being.

-M. Taggart

Memory of the morning Hurricane Irene hit the coast of Rhode Island.

A Wonderful Life

I enjoy hard working people. Dust on boots. Mud and grime stuck in finger nails. Blue jeans covered in filth. Gender means nothing. I enjoy a person who wakes up early to grind their teeth in figuring how to best make the day productive. Then, they make it happen. I don’t care if you are in fields wishing for rain as the sun rises, or tightening your tie preparing for the speech you’re going to give at a conference. The suit most likely stayed up until three am making sure everything was ready. I’ve been there. Done both versions. What I don’t enjoy are the people who strive to do the least and benefit from the ones who do the most.

-M. Taggart