Odd Walking Thoughts – Again the frog

The little boy kissed his bruised knee. He brushed the dirt from his body while standing. He’d barely made it across the stream. The log was fine. It was the vine that gave way. He flung a stone into the deep pool near the opposite bank and listened to the splash. It gave him no feeling. ‘Why can’t I be smart like her?’ he said out loud. The frog had been watching. ‘You know’ said the frog, ‘we forget so often. Smart is not a thing. I watched you run full stride onto the log and latch onto the vine. You were flying toward the banking in serious fashion. The vine gave out. Your eyes had told you, within a moment, exactly what you needed to do to make your flight. Did you sit and draw this out. No. Your mind did the work and you acted. Smart is not a thing. Smart is a moment and a moment does not last. Sometimes we forget to understand numbers are numbers because we call them so. When really, they are lines put into place to make something we tell ourselves to know. Do you see?’

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