Flash Fiction – A True Division

A True Division- Fiction.

Written by -M. Taggart

Copyright 2016

‘I’d never vote for him. No way. When it’s time to vote, I’m voting whoever isn’t Trump.’ She said. Her friend sat next to her nodding her head. The two didn’t realize they were talking loudly. ‘He is trash and whoever supports him is trash. I’d slap anyone I met who supports that pig. And how could they even know how to treat a woman, the way Trump talks, that sexist dick.’

The small town Maine registry of motor vehicles waiting room was full. It was the first hot and humid day of the year on the East Coast. The townspeople were friendly but the mood was that of a somber thinking time. The only conversation taking place was between the two girls and anyone could listen.

An older man sat close to the girls. He looked at his worn and beaten hands. The tips of his fingers were thick and cracked. He worked his dairy farm as hard as when he was a young man. Now though, they had the ice cream shop and he’d just finished building the siting room. People in his town liked their ice cram and loved his wife. She was known all through out the region. He hadn’t known he was sexist. Or a pig. All he knew was that he loved his wife more than he loved himself and she was the reason he’d never stop working. She gave him strength and understood things he couldn’t.

‘I can’t wait to get to Canada. We’re going to be crazy. It’s like, going to be awesome.’ Her breasts shook. She was wearing her new tan. ‘We’re going to drink tequila all night long and Katie is going and she’s crazy. She’s as crazy as me and I’m the one that’s suppose to watch out for all of us.’

‘I’m ready to drive there now,’ her friend said,  ‘and did I show you this text from this guy? I like, didn’t know if he was into me, but listen to this.’ The girls shrieked after having read the text out loud while holding her cell phone up for everyone to see.

‘Can you believe how stupid people are even considering that pig? He shouldn’t be able to run, he’s not even smart. How could anyone vote for him? What is this country turning into?’ She held her arm outstretched and smiled wide while taking a picture. Her friend leaned in. A women sitting in back of them placed her book in front of her face.

A voice through a speaker called for number 129 to please come up to window number two. The two girls walked together to the open window. ‘Hi. Like, I have my motorcycle license in Florida and I was told I can just have you add it here. I don’t have paperwork. If you need paper work can you tell me what to fill out?’

The old man no longer observed or listened. His mind was on the farm and his wife. He wanted to be sure to stop and buy flowers for her on the way home.



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