Odd Walking Thoughts

The tree was tall. It was oak. The bark was still strong at the bottom. Half way up, the tree broke into two. The night sky was full of clouds which sprang light toward us from the full moon. The grass was wet and smelled of summer. We asked the tree what it felt like to become split into two. The tree replied, ‘Walk long enough with your self and you’ll find out.’

copyright 2016 -M. Taggart

5 thoughts on “Odd Walking Thoughts

      • Hey Matt
        I know what it feels like
        So I’m here for you
        Day or nite
        I’m only a click away
        Hang in there
        You got your son
        To pass it on to
        This is what I’m doing with my daughter
        Keep it up
        The Sheldon Perspective


      • I appreciate that Sheldon. I’m doing rather well, certainly hanging in and not going anywhere. I do however like to poke fun at my Odd Walking Thoughts writing. There are now more than 100 of them. Most of which make little to zero sense. I appreciate that you read them.


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