Get A Seeing – Eyed Dog. Hemingway

‘He heard the door open and close and her feet on the stairs and he thought, I must get her to go on a trip. I must figure out some way to do it. I have to think up something practical. I’ve got this now for the rest of my life and I must figure out ways not to destroy her life and ruin her with it. She has been so good and she was not built to be good. I mean this sort of good. I mean good every day and dull good.’


‘Then why do we have to talk about me going away? I know I’m not good at looking after you but I can do things other people can’t do and we do love each other. You love me and you know it and we know things nobody else knows.’

-Ernest Hemingway. ‘Get A Seeing – Eyed Dog.’

I find these pieces powerful. There’s a third just as nicely done if you’d like to find the story. Hemingway’s writing opens thought patterns for me when I read his work. This happens nearly instantaneously. For me he is the single most influential writer I have ever read.

If you notice, Hemingway has hidden a portion of humanity in a secret for only the two speaking to one another. Of course the secret is also open to the reader. If the reader is reading to comprehend.


Lately I haven’t had time to write in depth pieces to share on here. My priorities are family, work and writing for submission. I steal moments here and there to write short poems or Odd Walking Thoughts to publish on WP. I enjoy doing so. Sometimes I’ll sit Gavin on my lap and he’ll try to slam the keyboard with his tiny hands while I write a three line poem. Gavin sees me typing. He wants to type also. Since he’s only five months old his typing is more like smashing. He’s clever at shutting programs down.

I hope you find writing that moves you. Writing that burrows into you and changes you instantly for the rest of your life.




6 thoughts on “Get A Seeing – Eyed Dog. Hemingway

  1. I love it when I have to dig deep into a piece
    It’s mental chess for me
    I don’t get to do that as often as I would like to
    With you I get to do that
    I’m glad we met
    In a wp kind of way
    I’m glad to hear how Gavin sits on your lap
    That’s how they learn
    I know it’s hard to hear
    But I always look forward to your posts
    As always Sheldon


  2. “Writing that burrows into you and changes you instantly for the rest of your life.” I think your words in this sentence just did that to me!
    Gavin will be 6 months old soon! It’s my favorite age – they are so happy and sociable and interactive and … oh, heck – I probably say that about every stage, when they’re in it. But 6 months is kind of a special marker when it comes to babyhood. I love hearing about whatever you wish to share. Hope all is well with you and family! 🙂

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