5 thoughts on “A Poem – Step Well

  1. Oh, this is a keeper. I read it a few times and each time it got “bigger.” It’s the only descriptor I can use re: how it felt to me. It may have to do with impact or import … it’s not about the individual words or clarity or any of that stuff. It’s the whole package and it is YOU. I’m probably saying something similar to Sheldon’s comment. And it sneaks up on you (at least it did me) – which, I suspect, might be how you are perceived in the real world.
    God, I wish my writing could flow as easily from the same place of truth that my comments do. Perhaps I should be a professional comment writer. Ha!


    • A professional comment writer! Thank you for the feedback. I won’t delete it. I think I should have written this into an odd walking thoughts. Anyway, good morning and happy Friday to you Lola.


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