Hopelessnes is no reason – Odd Walking Thoughts

Hopelessness is no reason for more hopelessness. It’s a self inflicted mood absorbed in selfishness.  The boy walked on splintered glass to view pain. He wanted to understand. The frog was not here and he collected his breath to continue. He spoke out loud what he’d heard, ‘We can be the most hurt we’ve ever been and go to sleep smiling and wake up laughing.’

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7 thoughts on “Hopelessnes is no reason – Odd Walking Thoughts

  1. Interesting and somewhat true. The cycle of depression could be called a self fulfilling prophecy, or it could be a brain malfunction or a combination of both… Jx


  2. Hopelessness is the card we play most
    It’s when we have to pick another is when we get confused the most
    Going out of our comfort of hopelessness
    Yes comfort
    I rather stick with the pain
    Then to try something else
    Great one my friend

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