A Poem – A Child’s Path

I ask – Please –
Walk among the trees-
Walk along paths and streams-
See how the leaves fall-
Each are their own story-

It’s never been the same-
And when you ponder your existence-
Look to the stars
And like words that have been written already-
To thine own self be true.

Don’t- Let’s not be like the others-
Who look at their palms for guidance
It’s never quite what it seems-
from that point of view-
The screen is everything-
When you turn it over-
It is dead.

The stars are unending
The woods – The Wind –
And leaves that travel with it-
Will show you new life-
Much truer than most will accept

Dedicated to Gavin.



One thought on “A Poem – A Child’s Path

  1. Oh my! When Gavin’s sweet blue-eyed face suddenly appeared on my reader, I think I might have swooned! I’m not sure, because I don’t know what it feels like, but I’ll bet I came close! Thank you for sharing this precious image and along with the heartfelt poem to your son. 🙂

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