Others Who Struggle – Odd Walking Thoughts

I feel something in my head. I’m sorry. To my family, I’m sorry. It’s there and I cannot help but acknowledge. It’s a metallic twisting that’s working itself into pain. I chew on this pain best I can. I watch them move their mouth and I hear the words and the twisting continues. I try and identify with what I have nearest to me. If only to rest my mind. It does not work. I open my palms and ask them why. A voice tells me to calm and to understand. It’s my voice.

3 thoughts on “Others Who Struggle – Odd Walking Thoughts

  1. Ouch! That’s my code for empathy. As my dad used say, “Just spit it out!” Of course, if he didn’t like what I said, well … ! 😦

    I just watched Gavin’s super-advanced coordination with the pacifier! That he has the capacity to figure that out – and then carry it out – is pretty amazing on so many levels! 🙂


    • He’s much fun to watch develop. We brought him to visit family in Maine last week and he met a dog and two new cats. It was a large intake weekend for the little man. I see just how badly he wants to make words. Soon enough!

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