Odd Walking Thoughts – Is it so

In the most serendipitous of moments time rolled on for us as though it were a wheel because we asked it to. Then it again became it’s true layered self; a figment of our imagination.  We curl our lids and pray it to be.

5 thoughts on “Odd Walking Thoughts – Is it so

  1. Wonderful visuals!
    I have always pictured our made-up concept of time as linear. A straight horizontal line.
    But, “layered” … is a much clearer description of how it feels – heavier and more confining.
    Then, the wheel “rolling on” – I never, ever thought of it that way before.
    I learned about two new things – it’s going to be a good day! 🙂


  2. No! Your post is poetry. It’s beautiful, really. I read it several times, just to feel the impact.
    My comment is pedestrian – “linear” – an explanation of sorts. I’m just happy to find someone who knows what I’m talking about. Ha!


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