Pink Eye – Odd Walking Thoughts

The bus was crowded and I didn’t have time.  You crowded me further with your pink eye.  You told me that you could change your eye color at will.  I didn’t believe you.  I watched from the bus window as you walked to your door.  Your house was dark.  The steps were old and wooden.  Your house had broken walls.  Now you’re gone and I still don’t know if you changed your eye color.

4 thoughts on “Pink Eye – Odd Walking Thoughts

  1. It was that look you gave me when you turned to say goodbye
    I knew then what first attached me to you
    It was those green eyes
    They haunt me in my sleep
    I know now why I miss you so
    As the bus pulls slowly away
    How’s tricks
    Hope all is well
    As always Sheldon


    • Oddly I wrote this in memory of a young girl I once knew. I learned she passed on a few nights ago. We rode the school bus together and she often claimed her eyes changed color at will. What I noticed was that her eyes had a pink’ish to them and she never looked well. She had a very hard life. I hope she’s resting easily now.


  2. I wonder if she knew than what she lived now
    Sadness lives in the eyes of those who know life
    Maybe she needed to have someone to hold but had none
    I pray she now is in peace
    And her eyes see what they didn’t see than
    As always Sheldon


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