Dear little guy-


You move often. Your mother made the determination that you hold a baby dance party a few times per day. You kick hard. Sometimes you kick hard and your mother flinches and draws breath. She doesn’t mind because she says she likes to feel you. Last night she said she can’t wait to meet you and to hold you.  She held her hands out to show me how.  Soon, she’ll be holding you and later you can read this.

I often stand in front of the refrigerator looking at your ultra sound. I feel it with my hand and tell you hello. And a few nights ago I held your mother’s stomach with my right hand and felt you. You were active for nearly a half hour and your mother was sitting upright in her pillow fortress. She uses the pillow fortress to help her sleep. First she positions the arm chair pillow and then the side pillows.  She crawls into the middle and then adds additional side pillows. Then we watch you move. When she’s covered with blankets you can only see a portion of her dark hair and sometimes you can’t see her at all.  I sit up at night while she’s sleeping and wonder if you are also sleeping.  I used to tickle her ears to wake her if I wanted to talk, but now I let you both sleep and I watch and listen to her breathe.  I think we accidentally woke you this weekend.  We lay in bed talking about what we would have for breakfast and you must have heard. You became very active and nearly held an early morning dance party but instead decided to switch positions and kick your mother.

Yesterday your mother told me you held a dance party during her morning meeting.  I replied that you knew how boring morning meeting would be so you felt it was your duty to make something of interest take place.  You entertained her and she thanks you.

Your mother is seven and a half months pregnant.  Her eyes are vibrant blue and soon I’ll watch you look into them. She is beautiful and she carries you in the front very well. She likes to pat her stomach and talk to you.  I listen because she talks in a soothing tone and it eases me. It eases me because I can feel in her tone her love for you.  She also likes to think she understands which food you like.  Between you and I chocolate ice cream comes up often and I’m not sure I can take her word for it. I’ll ask you.

Until then,


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