Coffee with Wine

This morning Megan told me Happy Father’s day. I’ve never been told this. It’s just after seven in the morning and her dark hair was falling over her naked shoulders. Megan is seven months pregnant and she is beautiful. And now with her naked shoulders and her dark hair and her arms reaching for me to come hug her she tells me happy father’s day.

I am toasting my ornery looking picture. To myself, and to all this applies, Happy Father’s day. The photo was taken a few weeks ago at a winery located in the hills of CT. It’s among our favorites. We walk to the edge of the winery and sometimes we stand on the rock wall and watch the cows graze. The only issue I take with the picture is that Megan is not with me. She is holding the camera and there was no one there.

FullSizeRender (12)

Now I sit at my desk with a coffee and a bit of red. I will celebrate this morning and I will write my 23rd chapter and I will think of the day we meet him.


She sits, reading to my niece, awaiting her turn.

photo (70)

7 thoughts on “Coffee with Wine

  1. Wait until the new born grows and says happy fathers day then tell me about a cup a coffee and a glass of red wine
    Life is simple in front of the key broad now just wait till it comes to change poopy diaper and its 3am with no sleep in site
    It does get better but not until the new born can say happy daddy day
    pop,and you melt into the key board and forget which chapter it is
    Life has only just begun that picture in way in the past you better look now before it fades away


    • I cannot wait for this to take place. And mark my words, next father’s day, I’ll have my coffee with wine and I’ll write about it too. It’s been a long time coming, to have this little one, and I am well prepared. Happy Father’s day to you, Sheldon.


  2. It is so great to hear you are chomping at the bit re fatherhood!

    Enjoy your son, take zillions of photos – everyday!

    It may surprise you, one Fathers Day, to find your son is now 25 years old.

    It goes so fast.

    Great photos!

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