Come world let’s take a see-
Purple hurt and we were to tell-
Let there be no one story-


3 thoughts on “Purple

  1. I once saw a film on *cough … VHS, back in the … cough, ’80s called Purple Heart. Aside from being a soppy dribbly war romance film, there was great reference to there being more than one war story. I just remembered that movie as I read this entry. I love how connections can be made.

    ps: Did you delete some posts? I have the email notifications / urls for a few pages yet they’re gone ….

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    • Hello. How have you been? You have a keen eye. Yes, I did delete a number of posts. I was misunderstood on one of them and I then wasted mental energy. I took it down. Maybe I’ll re-post it, I’m unsure. Good to hear from you and I hope you’re well.


      • Hi. I’m coping.

        I’m thinking that at least 2 of the posts you deleted were titled “Uncomfortable Fiction” and something about “Judgement ……” I read the email notifications instead of using the reader function to keep up with friends journals. For what it’s worth, I’m glad that woman left as well.


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