Scorned Mother of Ours – Odd Walking Thoughts

You- scorned mother. Let’s take a walk. We write this only for you. The field is flowering and much color presses toward us. It’s shameful and it’s tragic. It’s not once, but twice, or more and this isn’t what you designed. Design, much like fairness, has little to do with all. It matters little because your brood is still with you and you are exacting. They know where to turn. Let’s don’t forget your history and support of others will continuously build. Echoing voices find you at night. Your distressed sheets are empty. This is only a moment and a moment you cannot control. You are among the best kind of women. Take what you need. Along with the yellow. You’ll know this is written for you and you will not wonder. You are reading and knowing and we say hello and see you soon.


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