Reading for Recess

While in college I took as many creative lit courses as possible. For me it was recess.  I was a business major and the books were my escape from numbers and strategy. I found it odd when an English major complained of their work load. Reading wasn’t work.

I found the classes to be easy. I became bored and would ignore the professors assignments. Instead, I approached each new English professor with an option for me to create my own assignment. Though they didn’t know, it was the same assignment I gave myself for each English class.

I’d ask the professor if I could dissect the literature on my own terms.  The terms were for me to decipher when an author was overstepping their characters personality and inserting their own.

I became very aware of hidden agendas and found the best authors were the ones that kept these agendas away from each character and let the character be themselves. Unless the book was clearly identified as an agenda laced piece of work. If that were the case, I’d accept it for what it was, and admire the honesty of the author.

I have one author in mind that seemed, in my opinion, amazingly sloppy with this technique. Yet, her work is constantly on the best selling list and endorsed by many.

I feel if an author writes the story well and accurately the agenda will take care of itself.

I’m done randomly rambling for now.


Been A While

Who ought to take? One is here and the other too. Not two. That’s different and the smoke doesn’t clear and the shower goes on and we see it’s not smoke and that it’s steam.  Door won’t lock. Or, it did, and now doesn’t, and the floor sees what it wants. Then one forces it to stop. It’s much later and the other wants to know.

Pine Pitch – Odd Walking Thoughts

Let’s watch the blank slate. It draws imagery and though our eyes are closed we still view because it’s within. We then try to draw for ourselves. We know it’s a lie and we’ve learned the best way to move forward is truth. We’re walking. This time in a Forrest filled with large pine trees. The trees are leaking their pitch and we become stuck.  We ask the tree why it’s so difficult to move forward and the tree replies that it’s not difficult. You’re only stuck because you came back. As soon as you remember you’ve already left you’ll be there again.

The Mounting Apple

“You stole that apple!” the girl yelled.

The boy’s face was covered in dust. He was chewing.

“You stole that.” She pointed and looked for others to also see.


“You did too.”

The day had started and it was bad. Clouds were forming early and the sun was too hot. People rushed and pushed. The cement was being filled with more and they wanted to know. The boy was chewing rapidly to be rid of it all.

“You can’t even talk. Look at you. You’re covered in dirt and you stole the apple and you can’t say more than no.” she again pointed and looked over her shoulder and they mounted.

Drum – Taps

“I remember I heard the preacher every Sunday put God in

his statement”  – Walt Whitman, Drum – Taps. The complete 1865 Edition.

I’ve often stated-

“I have plenty of Faith.  It’s men I won’t follow.” -M. Taggart

I enjoy how he uses his words. 1865. 2015. Have we really learned much?

Ocean Early

There’s something about early morning and the ocean.

This morning, I drove to the corner market place after realizing I was out of coffee filters. I was early; the store wasn’t yet open. I drove another three minutes to the jetty. The light was nice and I fought with my broken phone to take this picture. I thought others might like to see.


photo (64)

Our Constant

Forget to be perfect and remember how clothes fell.  They were on our bodies and we were fine.  The line was too long and our fingers hurt with passion.  Then we held enough to know to keep the rest out. Now, we walk along the lines as though we knew.