Pine Pitch – Odd Walking Thoughts

Let’s watch the blank slate. It draws imagery and though our eyes are closed we still view because it’s within. We then try to draw for ourselves. We know it’s a lie and we’ve learned the best way to move forward is truth. We’re walking. This time in a Forrest filled with large pine trees. The trees are leaking their pitch and we become stuck.  We ask the tree why it’s so difficult to move forward and the tree replies that it’s not difficult. You’re only stuck because you came back. As soon as you remember you’ve already left you’ll be there again.


3 thoughts on “Pine Pitch – Odd Walking Thoughts

  1. Thank you. I’m not sure I’m deserving of an award. I’m unsure how to accept this, but will attempt it! Being nominated by my peers within this writing circle gives me enough adrenaline to last a week. I hope your day treats you well. And please, find a nice view and give a cheers to whomever comes to mind. I’ve never been to Scotland and badly want to visit.


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