Been A While

Who ought to take? One is here and the other too. Not two. That’s different and the smoke doesn’t clear and the shower goes on and we see it’s not smoke and that it’s steam.  Door won’t lock. Or, it did, and now doesn’t, and the floor sees what it wants. Then one forces it to stop. It’s much later and the other wants to know.

4 thoughts on “Been A While

  1. I struggle to interpret things that don’t have a black and white, crystal clear, ‘You Are Here’ giant arrow meaning. Therefore I struggle to understand MOST things in life. Ah, oh well.

    Even if I don’t always understand your writing (my issue, not yours) I find your words and tone very appealing and even soothing. I don’t know if that’s what you’re going for or not but I appreciate reading your posts very much.

    Usually I skip over poetry and abstract things that I won’t ever “get” but I don’t feel I HAVE to “get” your writing to enjoy it. This is very rare I think and attests to your emotional honesty. YOU come through in your words.

    I may not understand the literal meaning of the words but I FEEL them… and I find this to be very, very strange, but in an amazing and good way.

    Ps – This is my bumbling attempt at a compliment.

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    • One of the most read posts I’ve created I wrote directly after reading one of yours. I’ll be filing your comment away and keeping it as motivation to continue my current book. Which is incredibly challenging material to write. Thank you many times over for leaving this comment. I have much more to say, but am unable to express it.

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