Let’s write and then not.

While at a pub I watched an older couple split the bill. The man had asked to do so. I heard shame in his voice. I was reading and his shame brought me to listen. While it’s not my business, I understand the shame, and I want to tell him it’s fine. I observed and I wrote the moment within my mind and then the bartender dropped a glass into the bucket beneath the bar and it hit a plate so soundly that many of the patrons looked up. I wondered further how to write this well. The patrons had been in their own conversations, eating, and drinking. The sound brought them together. I watched as faces exchanged glances; a few smiled, some said hello. Recently I wrote ‘When writing don’t forget to live’ and this is what I had intended to convey.

3 thoughts on “Let’s write and then not.

  1. You know, I just finished writing to you letting you know about how special a man your Grandfather was. Let me add to that by saying that you too are a very special person. You have the ability to translate environments, thoughts, feelings and objects into an array of words that leave me breathless and wanting more! I swear, that in this entry of yours, I could feel the warmth of the pub and the glow of many conversations taking place.


    • I was again at this pub this evening. I walked in and turned to walk out. Pat, the owner, grabbed my arm and told me to sit in the corner table. The picture you see within the header was just after she had the pub floor redone. She saw me walking on the street and called my name. I came in and took a picture of her new floor. This evening, while at my corner table and reading Hemingway, I took another picture of her pub. I will post the picture and will mention you. Thank you for the comments.


      • Gosh, you’re so welcome re the comments. The floors – they look very similar to the floors I stand upon. Are they a native wood, then sealed do you know? Mine are. Well, native to NZ wood, that is.


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