I recently read a very powerful blog post. This post brought many mixed emotions. I was back. I felt the anger that I so often leaned on. This anger freed me. This anger spread and fueled my existence. I’ve felt hate. Not the hate confused people feel that’s connected to skin color, or a bad opinions. That isn’t hate. That’s brain washed self involved nothing. Hate leaves a scar so deep it’s only filled with tissue that grows. It’s not forgotten, it’s hidden until it’s needed. This hate comes from a trauma caused to you by others. This is not a hate that can be washed off or cleansed through speaking. I turned toward violence as a blanket for comfort. There is truth in violence. There’s no hidden agenda in blood being spilled when I was the one who spilled it. I still look back and wonder how so many stood watching and were hidden from allowing themselves to truly see. How is this possible.

Now. I’ve come through. I’m here and I’ll stay here. I only wish I could give so many others what I have found.


I’m trying to organize my blog a bit. I’ve put this ‘post’ into my ‘Odd Walking Thoughts’ category. You might find something of interest.


Have a good Wednesday,



6 thoughts on “Unseen

  1. Matt, you’ve done some hard time. This candid entry acknowledges more than what you wrote, and reminded me in part, of the hard time I’ve done over the years.

    In August, you’re gonna be a Dad. You’re already a Father. You’re gonna get to be an amazing Daddy.

    Keep your face turned to the sun, always.

    With deep respect, for the truth.



  2. For whatever reason I was compelled to poke around,to my amazement,this one came up,this is the anger I was just feeling before I read about yours,God how shit works sometimes
    Great work my Friend,I will be back to read it again,
    As always Sheldon


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