I was thirteen. I was asked to borrow $108.00 that I’d been saving in a small yellow pouch. I hid the yellow pouch in my closet, yet it’s existence was known. It was my stash. I didn’t have much, I saved what I could. In a few weeks it would be Christmas.

“What do you need it for?”

“I want to buy her a gold necklace with a gem at the bottom. I have enough for the necklace, but not enough for the gem. If you let me borrow the money I’ll be able to get both.”

I let him borrow the money.

Christmas morning came. I watched as presents were opened. I watched her open all of hers. I didn’t see a gold necklace. I didn’t see a gem.

I sat in my corner observing life at its finest. I felt the anger rise. I’ve always felt the anger. Soon I’d be strong enough.

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