Odd Walking Thoughts – Two Wrongs

The street was covered with them.  One man was upset and ignored his wife. All men are the same. Have you ever wondered how that makes a young boy feel? Especially if heard when spoken with anger or hatred? Imagine those words even slightly pointed at the boy. Or, do you not care, just like all women.

10 thoughts on “Odd Walking Thoughts – Two Wrongs

  1. How powerful and penetrating! Two wrongs…just about sums it up. The tongue is a fire, and it is able to destroy or to inspire…and how it spreads. It makes me hurt just thinking about. Hoping more people will read your short piece and become more careful with what comes out of their mouths. Of course, first, they must become more careful about what they harbor in their hearts… Thank you for this piece. I’d like to re-blog it if I may… 🙂

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  2. Reblogged this on georgetownrose and commented:
    I was browsing and reading fellow WordPress writers and their posts this afternoon. I came across this piece by a WordPress writer with whom I am newly acquainted. It stuck to my heart like an arrow. The reason for that is for another blog of my own. I wish to direct your attention to his offering. It is short and painfully to the point.

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