Giving Respect – Emily Dickinson

During a dark time, I found relief in the poem below. I was lucky enough to have lived a few miles from where Emily Dickinson spent her entire adult life. As many of you know, she would often times shut herself in, upstairs, writing poetry. She would watch the children play from her window perch. Sometimes, she would lower poems down, in a basket from her window to the ground, and give them to the children. Emily had a wonderful heart.

‘Ample make this bed-
Make this bed with Awe-
In it wait till Judgment break
Excellent and Fair.

Be its Mattress straight-
Be its Pillow round-
Let no Sunrise’ yellow noise
Interrupt this Ground-‘

Final Harvest, 341 (829)- Emily Dickson

Odd Walking Thoughts – Owl

Am I broken? My jaw is moving yet my statements are stunted. Does it matter? You said not to tell. That seemed to matter. I breath and it’s not well. Streams of time run through me and are gone. I go with them. Do you remember the owl in the tree? The tree was large and had two massive limbs hanging like death. When they told us not to tell, what did you think? The owl tried to warn me. It said ‘When I was you, I never remembered to forgive myself.’

Early Morning

Great ideas come and go, execution hardly happens.  -M. Taggart.

I wrote that years ago before taking on a massive, multiple year, charity project. I scratched the thought down on a small piece of paper and tapped it to my monitor and refrigerator door. I read it constantly until the project was complete.  Pen to paper. Executing thoughts, even when jumbled and incorrect in grammar, are far more important than doing nothing.

Odd Walking Thoughts – Fading Footprints

We were walking and it was very cold.  You told me ‘It’s too much and we need not walk further.’  I said ‘If we stop we’ll freeze and die’. You were always the one to know. What did you know this time?  Then, I asked, ‘If my footprints were fading, along the path where we were to be saved, would you let us in?’ To which you replied ‘ I’d ask you to remember, please, what lead you to the place you now stood.’ -M. Taggart

Odd Walking Thoughts – Tree Face

We were walking along stone steps.  Slowly, they were layered with ice. It was awkward because I was told you weren’t real.  We passed a large tree, while walking on these steps.  This tree had a face.  The tree decided to talk and asked us this, “When I’m gone will you know, what you think you know?” We weren’t sure how to answer because we’d never seen a tree with a face that could speak. We did our best by replying, “I’ll know what I can.” The face in the tree became upset- it said “Then you’ve already forgotten.” -M Taggart

Odd Walking Thoughts -The Siren of a Generation

You may as well keep your bells, your moments to move, your crushing authority- I can’t hear myself think. I’ve decided to give this all back. This all started when I’d forgotten how to speak. I once was so widely heard, that everything came to pass, and then there was nothing.  Within that nothing came variations of being, and though I still couldn’t talk, I learned to listen. I wanted to ask the darkness if colors could speak for me. The darkness replied by giving back my voice. -M. Taggart